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      膏藥包裝一體機 KC-G-C

      • 膏藥包裝一體機 KC-G-C
        1. 膏藥包裝一體機 KC-G-C膏藥包裝一體機 KC-G-C

      膏藥包裝一體機 KC-G-C

      膏藥包裝一體機Medical Patch making and?packaging MachineKC-G-C? ? ? ? ? ?

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      膏藥包裝一體機Medical Patch making and packaging Machine



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      The equipment is a medical patch making and packing machine, In order to adapt to the current market actual production demand, combined with our existing technology, independent research and development, It is making and packing all in one machine,stable operation,using programmable software system online monitoring.

      (1) 各原料放卷裝置以及各廢料收集裝置采用磁粉張力系統控制

      Each material unwinding device and each waste collection device are controlled by magnetic powder tension system.

      (2) 各送料、包裝、切片工位運用國內外知名品牌運動控制系統,和我司長期理論于實際經驗編排軟件程序。設備運行中結合自動相位,前后位置自動調節藥帶產品的中心位置。觸摸屏可視化操作。

      Each feeding section packing section and cutting section uses the motion control system of well-known brands at home and abroad, Combined with our long-term theory and practical experience in software programming equipment operation, automatic phase and front and rear position can automatically adjust the center position of the medicine pad.touch screen visualization.

      (3) 包裝紙送料自動糾偏控制,設備高速運轉中接料穩定。

      Automatic deviation correction control of wrapping paper feeding, stable feeding in high-speed operation.

      (4) 模具采用高速鋼加工,壽命長、更換模具方便,輸入對應參數即可生產

      High - speed steel mold processing, long life, easy to replace the die, input the corresponding parameters can be produced.


      The production efficiency of the equipment is high, and the speed can reach 0-120 pieces/min, 2.5 times more than the current manual packaging.

      (5) 包裝采用平壓封口方式,解決了滾壓設備封口不牢的弊端、封口拉力大小可根據包裝材料不同進行調節。包裝速度快、質量穩定,效率高、適用于淋膜紙、熱熔膠紙等材料的生產

      The packaging adopts the method of flat sealing, which solves the disadvantage of weak sealing of rolling equipment, The sealing tension can be adjusted according to different packing materials. Fast packing, stable quality, high efficiency, suitable for the production of coated paper, hot melt adhesive paper and other materials.

      (6) 采用臺灣富臺光電進行色標跟蹤,切片大小穩定均勻

      Taiwan KONTEC photoelectric is used to track the color code, and the slice size was stable and evenly.

      (7) 外包裝可在線進行生產日期噴碼

      Date and batch number can be sprayed on the outer packing paper.

      (8) 設備各放卷配有缺料自動停機以及工位異常報警功能

      The equipment is equipped with the function of automatic stop of missing materials and abnormal alarm of working position.

      (9) 設備具有產品產量計數以及成品計數輸送功能。

      The equipment has the function of counting the output of products and counting the delivery of finished products.

      (10) 可進行風濕止痛貼、膏藥貼、加加磁貼等各種黑膏藥貼劑在線生產包裝。

      The machine can produce and packing child abdomen plaster, rheumatism painful plaster, plaster stick, mammary gland plaster ect.

      12)詳細參數配置Main Technical Parameters


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