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      • 敷料貼自動包裝機KC-FF-III
        1. 敷料貼自動包裝機KC-FF-III敷料貼自動包裝機KC-FF-III


      敷料貼自動包裝機KC-FF-III本機是一款新型全自動高速敷料貼生產包裝設備,采用國內外先進技術,人機界面交互控制系統,全伺服驅動工位、電腦全程監測,可實現連續包裝生產。The machine is

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      The machine is a new type of high-speed wound dressing packaging production equipment,uses of advanced technology from abroad, Human-computer interface interactive control system. Full servo drive,in the operation, the computer system monitoring the whole production,continuous packaging production.

      (1) 原料放卷采用恒張力系統控制,保證原材料卷徑發生變化時自動調節張力大小。

       Material unwinding is controlled by constant tension system, Make sure the tension is adjusted automatically when the coil diameter of raw material changes.


      Equipment raw material deviation correction control automatically.High speed operation, stable, save raw materials.


      Each feeding section and cutting section uses Adopt omron panasonic and other well-known servo system precise positioning control. Touch screen can be fine-tuned to ensure the stability of product length.


      The packaging adopts the method of flat sealing, which solves the disadvantage of weak sealing of rolling equipment, The sealing tension can be adjusted according to different packing materials. Fast packing, stable quality, high efficiency, suitable for the production of coated paper, hot melt adhesive paper and other materials.


      Taiwan KONTEC photoelectric is used to track the color code, and the slice size is stable and evenly.


      Date and batch number can be sprayed on the outer packing paper.


      The equipment has the function of counting the output of products and counting the delivery of finished products.


      Safety - abnormal alarm and stop function when raw materials used out.


      The production efficiency of the equipment is high, and the speed can reach 0-120 pieces/minute.

      (10)設備配備記憶存儲功能,操作方便換料以及更換模具方便。保證產品生 產效率性和質量的穩定性。

      The device is equipped with memory storage function, Easy to operate, change material and change mould.


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