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      • KC-LZT-B留置針貼包裝機
        1. KC-LZT-B留置針貼包裝機


      KC-LZT-B留置針貼包裝機                  本機是一款高速留置針貼自動生產包裝

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       Material unwinding is controlled by constant tension system, Make sure the tension is adjusted automatically when the coil diameter of raw material changes. Windows can be opened automatically,no fold.


      Each feeding section and cutting section uses Adopt omron panasonic and other well-known servo system precise positioning control. Touch screen can be fine-tuned to ensure the stability of product length.


      The packaging adopts the method of flat sealing, which solves the disadvantage of weak sealing of rolling equipment, The sealing tension can be adjusted according to different packing materials. Fast packing, stable quality, high efficiency, suitable for the production of coated paper, hot melt adhesive paper and other materials.


      Taiwan KONTEC photoelectric is used to track the color code, and the slice size is stable and evenly.


      Date and batch number can be sprayed on the outer packing paper.


      The equipment has the function of counting the output of products and counting the delivery of finished products.


      Safety - abnormal alarm and stop function when raw materials used out.


      The production efficiency of the equipment is high, and the speed can reach 0-120 pieces/minute.

      (9)設備配備記憶存儲功能,操作方便換料以及更換模具方便。保證產品生 產和質量的穩定性。

      The device is equipped with memory storage function, Easy to operate, change material and change mould. Ensure the high efficiency and quality stability of products.

      (10)詳細參數配置:Main Technical Parameters:

      整    機   重    量Machine weight

      1.5噸1.5 ton

      整    機   功    率Machine Power


      整    機   尺    寸Machine Dimension


      電               壓Voltage


      生    產   效    率Production  Speed



      產 品 有 效 寬 度Product limited width


      歐姆龍伺服電機Omron servo motor


      歐姆龍驅動器Omron drive

      8臺/8 sets

      漢斯特齒輪減速機 HST  gear reducer

      7臺/7 sets

      歐姆龍PLC   Omron PLC

      1臺/1 sets

      昆侖通態觸摸屏10寸 10 inch Kunlun state touch screen

      1臺/1 set

      磁粉制動器Magnetic Powder Brake

      5臺5 sets

      磁粉離合器Magnetic Powder Clutch

      3臺3 sets

      收卷電機  Winding motor

      3臺/3 sets

      調速電機 Adjustable-speed motor

      1臺/1 set

      其他電器為德力西電器Other Electrical Equipment

      Delixi Electrical Equipment



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